About Us


Welcome babes! My name is Alessandra and I am the owner of Ocean Babe Swimwear. I started Ocean Babe Swimwear with the mission of creating swimwear pieces that are vibrant, comfortable, and confidence-boosting. While these aspects were all very important to me, what bothered me the most was the lack of exclusivity with what's on the market and overall swimwear today. We've all been there- The flimsy bikinis that break with one wash, the one you've seen that everyone has, the plain swimsuit that is not figure-flattering... I WAS TIRED OF IT! I wanted to create a brand that made babes stand out and have personality. 

Our styles are inspired by feminine, comfortable, and retro prints not meant for the faint heart. I create all my designs that I dream to wear, yet struggle to find. The result became a unique niche brand made of luxe pieces handcrafted only with the highest quality fabric to boost and compliment femininity and character within every woman. ⁣Our fabrics are made to be earth-friendly and durable with an innovative and sustainable design. We use 100% Polyamide fabric that has been recycled and has five times the strength and four times the compression of other swimwear, while remaining fashionable and made-to-last.


If you are obsessed with swimwear, have a bold personality, and believe in girl power- you are in the right place. JOIN THE OCEAN BABE MOVEMENT! ⁣ ⁣

We cater to babes all over the world, made with LOVE, each and every swimsuit.